VOLUME ONE; ISSUE 2: March 2003
Once again, time has flown by and here we are into March already. I really don't know where the weeks between Christmas and now have gone. Life has just got in the way lately!

Not an awful lot been happening since Christmas but we have finally finished and uploaded a series of articles based around the 5 questions most frequently asked by people who have recently sustained a Brachial Plexus Injury. 

The articles contain replies compiled from the aswers to the 5 questions that were posted on the TBPI message board. The Introduction to these articles can be found in the Resources section and the Introduction contains the links to the 5 articles.

One new Profile in the Communities section; this one is Yeti's story. I am hoping to upload a few more Profiles or Stories later next month when I have more time.


These have recently been upgraded and have a few new features such as font changes and colours. There is also a Beta version of a new chatroom, but Jen and I tried it out the other night and weren't too impressed by it. I think I will wait until they iron out all the bugs, then try it again. The boards have been very slow lately in loading and reloading after posting but I have been assured by Ezboard that these problems have been sorted out ...until the next time I suppose!

Some recent popular topics are:
Biker Airbags
Controlling Emotions?
Stupid Questions Really!
Okay, that's it for this newsletter! Very short one I know but hopefully, I should have a lot more news for the next one.

Liz :0)