An overview of a Brachial Plexus Injury, what it is, what comes next, pain management, physio and much more, courtesy of the team at Leeds General Hospital.
This is a website created by and for adults who have a Trauma Brachial Plexus Injury (TBPI) The purpose of this much needed website is to supply information and support to adults coping with a TBPI and to help achieve a better understanding of the impact these injuries may have on the individual and their family.

This website was put together mainly by people who have a TBPI: We are not medical professionals, nor are we trained counsellors, and can only relate to our own personal experiences of our own unique set of circumstances and injuries. If you have or suspect you have a BPI, it is IMPERATIVE that you contact a medical professional who has experience of treating these injuries as soon as possible.

Brachial plexus; A complex network of nerves, arising from the spinal cord that supplies the arm, hand and part of the shoulder with all movement and feeling.
All about the people who access and contribute to this site. Profiles and stories from people with a TBPI. Send us your story and we'll upload it
A comprehensive list of TBPI related websites and articles dealing with all manner of things one hand related from gadgets to pain to re-hab to driving etc, etc.
Ask questions, find answers, talk to people, search the archives. Registration, free, is needed to post
A guide to claiming compensation for personal injury compiled for us by specialists in the field. Also Insurance, Powers of Attorney and Trusts & Personal Injury Awards
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Thought provoking, often humourous, articles on life with a bpi and stuff that just doesn't fit anywhere else on the site.
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The website can only be updated by the committee members of the TBPI Group. If you have anything that could be of interest to someone with a TBPI that you would like to see published here please contact one of the committee members (e-mail address in the 'contacts and links' section)  The committee members will make any decision on what information will be published on this site.
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Contacts & Links
Re-training, rehabilitation for work, changes to the benefits system, changes to the drug driving laws, how to do stuff one handed and much more

Articles on various aspects of dealing with a BPI  including  Stanmore rehab week, central pain, PTSD, complimentary care, physio and much more
Photos from the last 18 years or so of the history of the TBPI Group, arranged in Gallerys, mostly from Squires but some from further back still
Sponsored Bike Ride
On 17th June 2012 three members of the TBPI Group set out from John O'Groats to ride to Lands End to raise awareness and generate support for our Group.  We also had a £100 prize for our 'Guess the mileage' competition. Photos, video, competition result and radio interview can be seen/heard  here 

Thanks to Jamie Tyler who raised £1485 for the group by running a marathon in 4 hours and 8 minutes. Well done Jamie!
Registered Charity No. 1100691
The Birmingham half marathon is being run on 16th October and Caroline Miller from QE Hospital, Birmingham is taking part along with her patient Bekkie and four friends. You can help them here

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The 1st weekend in August is the date for the annual get together of the TBPI Group at Squires Cafe Bar in Yorkshire. Check in here for details
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Thanks to Louisa & Phill Burke who raised £350 by organizing a modern jive charity dance with a prize draw and afternoon tea
Thanks to Mark & Karen Lawrence who raised £1144.83 by turning an American football game into a charity event with programmes, raffle prizes and a barbequeue
Free Legal Advice
Free advice on financial issues, benefits, housing, power of attorney and much more from experts in the field of traumatic personal injury
Some BPI related cartoons drawn by members of the group. Some are adult in nature so if you are easily offended this isn't the page for you!
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