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Onepaws BORG Arm splint
Yeti's one handed hair tying
APOLOGIES for the long delay in adding anything to this section.  From the outset we wanted all medical and anatomical information on the site to be as accurate as possible, and the last thing we want to do is upload material that is not quite good enough. Please bear with us; it will be worth the wait! 
This is a website created for and by adults who have a Trauma Brachial Plexus Injury. (TBPI) The primary purpose of this much needed website is to supply information and support to to adults coping with a TBPI, and to help achieve a better understanding of the impact these injuries may have on the individual, and their family. Everyone is welcome to visit here, whether injured at birth (OBPI) or later in life. 

This is, however, a site mainly for adults. Parental guidance is needed for children under 13.
There are links to other sites that contain words and pictures that might be upsetting or cause offence; nothing pornographic, just mainly adult humour. Please avoid these areas if you are easily offended, but you are very welcome if you share the same sense of humour.
This website was put together mainly by people who have a TBPI: We are not medical professionals, nor are we trained counsellors, and can only relate to our own personal experiences of our own unique set of circumstances and injuries. If you have or suspect you have a BPI, it is IMPERATIVE that you contact a medical professional who has experience of treating these injuries as soon as possible.

Brachial plexus; A complex network of nerves, arising from the spinal cord that supplies the arm, hand and part of the shoulder with all movement and feeling.
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All about the people who access and contribute to this site  We have uploaded various profiles and stories from people with a TBPI, also pics of people not letting the injury stop them doing what they want.
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A NEW SECTION for thought provoking articles, observations on life with a bpi, and other stuff that just doesn't seem to fit anywhere else. Article: What Psychologists should Know About Disability.
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