At last!   The first TBPI group newsletter has been dragged kicking and screaming into existence. Such a lot has been happening since the message board started last December 31st, and the website went 'live' the following June that it has been hard to keep up with it all...well, that's a bit of an untruth really; it is just my complete lack of organisation and total incompetence which I will do something about one day.....!  

The TBPI Website

The site is growing steadily, with new material being added every few weeks, and It will remain very much a work in progress for a while yet, but once the main informative articles have been finished and uploaded, there will be more time for other info to be added, like the newsletters. There are also plans for a series of surveys and
questionnaires; more about these in the next newsletter.

Anatomy, Medical

Unfortunately, some areas of the site have been slower in coming together, mainly the Anatomy and Medical areas, although the article on pain scores many hits per month and, not surprisingly,  is one of the most popular pages outside the Resources and Community sections.  Jen and I are working on an additional article about this subject and hope to have it ready by the end of January. We are also collaborating on a few other things for the site, and I am working on the Anatomy section every spare moment that I can get.  

From the outset,  many months ago when we were talking about setting up a website for the adults with a BPI, we above all wanted any information for uploading to be as accurate and reliable as possible.  There is so much misleading and totally inaccurate info out there on the internet, mainly written by well meaning people who think they know what adult BPI is all about, and it is extremely difficult for someone who is newly injured to separate fact from fiction. 

After talking to some of the BPI surgeons from other countries as well as the U.K., we agreed that any info. of a medical nature would first be verified and approved by at least one surgeon before being presented on the internet and into the public domain. At the same time, because the TBPI website is by and primarily for people with BPI, the info we will present should be easily understood by the layman. We will try to use as few unintelligible medical words or terms as possible since most of them are only of real use to medical students or physicians. All this is proving to take longer than anticipated, but it will be worth the wait...!


Since the beginning we have concentrated on uploading positive stories and images of people with a BPI getting on with life, and proving that having lost the use, either partially of fully, of one upper limb needn't stop anyone from living life to the full. 
Way back in the beginning, we had pictures sent to us of people with a BPI doing some pretty remarkable things; I know I personally will never forget Rob on his skateboard   or  Paulo riding his pushbike one-handed, and I mean the INJURED hand!  We have uploaded many more of these types of articles and at the moment, we have a total of 11 profiles submitted and uploaded, along with 10 'No Problem' articles.


Since the first item in this section which was Hazey's U.K. Benefits guide, I have added contributions from people about car adaptions, one-handed games controllers, right through to the latest resorce, 'How to tie up Long Hair'  a total of  14 items in all. One of my personal favourites is Dave's Bike adaptions....the picture of Dave on his first ride out in years just about sums up what the whole section, if not the whole website is all about.

New Stuff  

Well...this Newsletter for a start! 

I have added a new section called 'The Cave' which will have articles about things not always specifically about BPI's, but useful never the less. 

I am hoping to have a 'rant' page in this section for all those stories about things that have p*ssed people off involving a BPI, how we have been ripped off maybe, or how we feel when asked for the umpteenth time that day '...what's wrong with your arm...'  It is a kind of an extension of the Raspberry section, without the swear words! 

I have moved the Guides to Life here from the Raspberries as I felt they deserved a wider audience.

One very interesting article in this section is "What Psychotherapists Should Know about Disability" 
A very long article, but definitely worth reading. When Jen discovered it and passed it on to me, we both found that certain passages in it really moved us, and it cetainly made me look at what kind of person I am in relation to disabilities of all kinds. Jen obtained permission for us to reproduce the whole article on the TBPI website.

I have also added a registration form for the site. People who register with a current email address will receive regular updates about the website and the message board. It doesn't cost anything to register, and your details will NOT be passed onto anyone without your express permission.

The Messageboards 

The messageboards are still going strong with about 76 members now. The daily hit rate is growing every month which is showing that the messages are being read by more and more people, even though only about 1 third of the membership posts regularly. This is about average for messageboards everywhere, so I am not unduly worried. The boards cost money to be hosted by Ezboard, but because of a very genorous donation by someone who wishes to remain anonymous, they are paid up for the next 6 months.  Thanks Anon!!

Latest discussions on the board are; 

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Anyone who wants to take advantage of the new features for the message boards provided by Ezboard can read about them here

I have also found a nice easy image hosting site which can be used to host a few icons or personal pictures if you don't have a website of your own to link to. Details for this can be found in THIS thread....the pictures can then be linked to the message board and then voila! you too can have a nice funky icon next to your name and/or in your profile!

Anyway, that's about it so far...Please let me or Jen know if there is anything you want to see on the site, or if you would like to submit your story, or any other item to the site.  Email me here 

I'll leave you with this quote; 

'If at first you don't succeed, remove all evidence you ever tried....'

Liz B
VOLUME ONE  :  ISSUE ONE : Dec. 2002