VOL I NUMBER 3                                                                                                      October 2003
Sadly, it looks like the summer is over here in the U.K. but now the season has finished and we have stopped being on the road for a while, I can concentrate on updating the TBPI Website, and adding some long overdue content.

Additions made recently (6th Sept 03) include an article on PSTD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)  

Since the group began to evolve and increase in numbers, and we began  communicating via the message boards, we discovered that many people wih a BPI have or have had in the past, certain conditions as well as injuries, in common. PTSD is one of these conditions, and affects more people than anyone realised. Sufferers often don't recognise the symptoms, and it can often be difficult to find the right treatment and support. Hopefully, this article will help point people in the right direction.

I have altered the Home page to make navigating it a bit easier, and I have put the Introduction on to a separate page. 

Another addition is a link to an advert...I don't usually do this, but since it is for something non-profit making, and of possible benefit to many people with a BPI, I agreed to put it up there. 

Have a look at Jimmies Ad*.  and all will be revealed. (*...only applicable in the U.K.)
This was the first of our (hopefully) annual gatherings and was a tremendous success. Neil, Ewan and Kate took many photos and I am in the process of sorting them out ready to be uploaded to the website. Most are already on Ewan's Yahoo Groups' site which has restricted access, but I am hoping most people who were there won't mind me publishing them to the Internet for all to see. More about this later.

As I said, I am hoping that this will become an annual event  around the same weekend and the same place, so look out for the ads next year!

We have welcomed 6 new members this month. 

The daily stats for this site are increasing every month along with the number of posts and visitors to the site. I have tweaked the Home page there too, by adding a side bar. This will make it a bit easier to find the most popular links that are found or referred to in many of the posts. I am hoping to add one or two more forums on there too in the near future, mainly for info about how to use the features on the boards, and what to do if you have problems logging in.

Some popular threads are:

Thats about it for now..we are working on several articles at the same time and I'll send another Newsletter as soon as they are up on the Website.

Liz B