Do you have a 
Brachial Plexus Injury? (BPI)

Were you a patient at 
St James Hospital Trust in LEEDS U.K.?

The Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at St James ('Jimmies') Hospital in Leeds is trying to trace past patients who were treated there for a BPI. Unfortunately, some medical records have been destroyed or patients have moved and they have been unable to put together a comprehensive list of the patients treated. This search is part of an ongoing audit of patients that will help identify areas in health care that may need change. The audit will help those clinicians involved to improve the quality of patient care in those areas. 

For more details, please contact Miss Sharmila Jivan, Research Fellow or

Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,
Third Floor Chancellor Wing,
St James's University Hospital, 
Beckett Street, 
Leeds LS9 7TF
Telephone: +44 113 206 5719  Fax: +44 113 2066423