August 3rd - 5th 2012   Click on any thumbnail to open the gallery
Well, here we are again...
Tents are up ...
Must be time for some of Yeti's pear cider
Keep your eye on that flag Yeti -  it might just go missing!
Your attention please...
You too Kaz!
Scott from Stewarts Law
Kate and Yeti awarded a t-shirt to Ed......
...for getting from one end of the country to the other on a Honda without it breaking down!
Gaz saying it like it is
Did Ed really just miss that shot?
Yes he really did!
Stuart shows us how to do it properly
Have another go Ed!
Probably the longest game of pool ever
These pop-up tents don't pop-down quite so quick...
Meanwhile, Mark & Karen's, roughly half the size of Yorkshire, is down and packed away...
You'll have it figured out by next year Dave
Squires 2012
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Registered Charity No. 1100691