We have been running this website and the message boards attached to it on a shoe string for a few years now, and if we are to expand and fullfill our aims and goals for the group, then we will need funds.  We are extremely grateful for any and all donations, particularly those who donate regularly by standing order or through the Charities Aid Foundation - CAF 

As a committee we have decided to refrain from asking people directly for any kind of membership fee, as we believe that the information on the website should be freely available to all who need it. Instead we would rather leave it up to each individual to decide for themselves whether or not to donate to the charity whatever amount they think appropriate.


The future plans of the committee include producing more information leaflets covering several aspects of the injury to be distributed to hospitals all over the U.K. To date these have been very well received  by the teams in Stanmore, Glasgow, Birmingham and Leeds particularly (Generally acknowledged to be the foremost units dealing with Brachial Plexus injuries)

Other projects include arranging the AGM and meeting at Squires Cafe and Bar in Newthorpe, Yorkshire each August. We are continually looking to build on the success of  previous meetings where we can hopefully encourage more people from the medical profession to attend. At the 2009 meeting we had the great privilege of welcoming Professor Simon Kay. (A brief resume of Professor Kay's talk can be viewed here) Staff from all four major BPI hospitals regularly attend our gathering and provide us with the benefit of their expertise.

As a group, we have expanded rapidly over the few years we have been in existence. There are now over 600 people in our database, and this is by no means a complete list. Every month  brings more people to us, and we feel we have only just begun to scratch the surface. With a little help, we will be able to link up with others and share our vast pool of knowledge of these injuries, and in this way might even eventually change the way they are diagnosed and treated. It is very doubtful that we could do all this without some funding.

                                         Donating with GIFTAID

If you are a UK tax payer a form can be downloaded that will be used for'Giftaid' which means that we can claim back 25p on every £1 donated to us, making a £1.00 donation worth £1.25 to the charity. No information will be disclosed to any third parties except, by necessity, the Inland Revenue.

                                           Donating via PAYPAL

The TBPI Group has an account where donations can be made at www.paypal.co.uk
The email address for the account is tbpilizf@aol.com
Although this is a very quick and easy way to donate please be aware that not all your donation will go to the TBPI Group as Paypal charge a small percentage fee for the use of the facility.

                                One arm? BAND-IT !

These silicon wristbands have been produced specifically for the TBPI Group. For details about the bands and  how to aquire them click here

                                                 TBPI T-Shirt Transfers

               For details of how to purchase these iron-on transfers click here

We have a page on the fundraising/donation site 'Wonderful' - similar to Justgiving but without the fees - with Wonderful, every penny raised or donated goes to the charity.


Many thanks for considering a donation.  If you need to ask any questions about the Giftaid form, please email the treasurer of the TBPI Group Charity,  Ed Barnes

If you would like more information on the aims of the Charity please email any of the committee members (email details in the 'contacts and links' section)
CLICK HERE  to download the Giftaid donation form.
From the committee of the TBPI Group, welcome to the                         donations section of the web site.

If you are reading this then, hopefully, you are considering making a donation to the TBPI Group charity or purchasing a 'One arm?  BAND - IT !' silicon wristband, TBPI Group polo shirt or fleece - all details below.
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Registered Charity No. 1100691
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