L-R  Neil, Ed, Kev meet up at Squires on the way north to John O' GroatsOnly 550 miles to do in the pouring rain!Good job we've got decent waterproofs!Er....Kev - you got any gaffa tape?Hmmm... shall we have breakfast first?At the England/Scotland border.So that's where Yeti's flag went!A cafe....somewhere'Gaffa tape's not working Ed!' I'm soaked!Only 40 miles of single track road to go........to Melvich, almost at the top of mainland Scotland.I'm wet, Kev's wet, Neil's dry - smug git!Nice view from the hotel in MelvichMade it to John O' Groats........and this is where we start.Set the trip speed from hereStrange who you bump into along the way....with Ewan and Kate in Nairn.Food stop alongside Loch Lochy.Nice view to eat dinner withGlencoe - stunning sceneryThe weather cleared just enough for us to see it!We had to stop in plenty places like this along the way!With Claire and Beverley at Victoria Infirmary, GlasgowForth railway bridgeForth road bridge which we crossed 3 times somehow!Outside Black Diamond FMThe nerve centre of Black Diamond FMMatt asking the questions and spinning the discs, Ed avoiding answering any.......leaving that to Neil and Kev!Post interview - where's the pub?!End of the evening, Matt's chauffer (daughter Amy) arrives to take him home!Back on the Scotland/England borderAngel of the North200 tons of steel.......and foundations of concrete and steel  that go a very long way down.Just as well or Kev and Ed would be feeling a bit uncomfortable right now!Back at Squires on the southbound journey.......where Ed blagged a helicopter ride......jammy git!Squires is down there somewhere - isn't it?Er - think it is, somewhere near here anyway...Bloody hell Ed - it's going dark - let the pilot go home!!Right, that's enough Ed, let the poor bloke go home!Stuart met up with us at SquiresSuzanne and the staff at Leeds Hospital made and sold cakes to raise money for the group.Comfort Cafe in Cambs. Nice people - left some leaflets and a poster there.Eddie joined us for the ride from Essex to StanmoreNo parking - except for bikes of course!With the staff at StanmoreAce cafe in London - more leaflets left hereComing out of Plymouth, Ed's sat-nav took us to a ferry - don't know why but it was something different from endless tarmac I suppose!Lands End at last and we met someone else riding a Vstrom there.......didn't see another R1 or Blackbird there Kev, Ed...eh?The lids made it - what about the riders... in the pub!Ah, there we are - whose round is it?With Adi and Sarah, somewhere in deepest Cornwall.All over but still got to get home - another motorway cafe.Another motorway cafe on the way home
A few pictures from the sponsored bike ride, June 2012, video of Ed's helicopter ride at Squires and audio of the interview at Black Diamond FM.
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You can see the video of Ed's helicoptor trip here
Listen to the interview at Black Diamond FM here
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Registered Charity No. 1100691
John O'Groats to Lands End